About Us

The road towards energy self sufficiency

We deliver turnkey solar generation and backup systems in and around Knysna. Our focus is working closely with our customers to educate them in energy generation and energy efficiency. We’re an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients.

Steve Buchalter, obtained his Law Degree (BCom LLB) from Rhodes University in the mid 80’s. After many years in Business, he moved to Knysna with his young family where he continues to run his businesses in Johannesburg as well as establishing new businesses in Knysna.
Rather than practice law, Buchalter has spent his career in the business world.

Buchalter believes that the key skills that contribute to entrepreneurial success are EQ (emotional intelligence), a well thought through a credible Vision, Mission and Values, a passion to provide ethical products and service to customers Buchalter’s passion is “to take people by the hand and lead them towards becoming successful in their business by guiding them in removing obstacles and improving efficiency”.

Our Mission

To transfer knowledge that enables customers to most efficiently transition from energy dependency to energy independence.

Our Vision

To be the road most travelled towards energy self sufficiency

Our Values

•. To have the courage to do the right thing.
•. To consistently act with integrity.
•. To respect difference.
•  To share knowledge and educate generously.
•. To enable economic upliftment.

We are an Associated Partner and Official Distributor

GreenFlash Energy is engaged as an Approved Partner with Specialized Solar Systems (SSS).

As part of our strategy to ensure association with the industry leading alternative energy supplier, GreenFlash Energy, and SSS subscribe to good corporate governance, believe in maintaining the highest possible standards for both solar system design as well as quality installation procedures.

SSS have done so throughout South Africa and various African countries over a period of more than 12 years and is seen as a valuable industry partner to GreenFlash Energy.

SSS is also the manufacturer of unique SSS branded solar solutions which are exclusively accessible through the SSS Approved Partnership network.

GreenFlash Energy is thus a preferred supplier of the SSS products in the Garden Route and surrounds.

Solar stands at the heart of the shift our country is making on energy sourcing and supply.

We are excited to work with you in bringing this energy transition home.

Ready for your journey with Solar?