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Let GreenFlash Energy show you how to keep the lights on, while saving money, becoming energy efficient and independent.


Knysna, Surrounds and
the Western Cape


Residential: Homes, Flats & Guesthouses
Off-grid: Cabins & Farms

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Who We Are

We deliver turnkey solar generation and backup systems in and around Knysna. Our focus is working closely with our customers to educate them in energy generation and energy efficiency. We’re an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients.

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The solution to reducing your electricity costs and avoiding load-shedding is manageable and cost effective with the right approach.

Our Services

We’re dedicated to provide you with the best advice, installation and products. We make alternative energy a matter of a reality.

Residential Solar

Focusing on making easy-to-buy, easy-to-use turn-key solar & battery backup solutions. Packaged affordably for both individuals and commercial entities.

Commercial Solar

We are partnered with experts in the renewable energy market to offer you cost-efficient and long-term profitable solutions for commercial properties.

Agriculture Solar

Solar has become the preferred method for energy supply in the Agricultural industry. Practical and environmental friendly, farmers are starting to invest in cost-saving and sustainable technology.

Utility-Based Supply

We partner with Specialized Solar Systems to bring power to estates or residential communities through AC or DC microgrid technologies.

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